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Working with me can provide a dopamine boost. But don't take my word for it.

Ian Schuffe, Author

"Brilliant, friendly, patient and all-around wonderful. Can't wait to finish my next novel just so I can hire her again. She's so good, she's almost psychic, the way she nails the tone of the covers. Would give 6 stars if it were possible."

Dave Blum, Editor

"These [cover concepts] are fantastic! Thank you and appreciate all the options. Thanks again for your hard and excellent work!!"

Mary Adler, Author

"[Kerry] was great to work with. She is so patient and helpful in explaining the details of this project to me. I loved working with her, recommend her to everyone, and hope to work with her again. Also, her designs are brilliant!"

Kristen Wolf, Author

"[Kerry] has become my favorite designer for every aspect of book layout. This is the third project she's completed for me and it will not be the last. Excellent eye for detail, artistic possibility and overall design. In addition she is an effective and highly professional communicator and collaborator. A pure pleasure to work with."

Nicole Gebhardt,
Niche Pressworks

An absolutely delightful designer to work with. So happy we connected with her. Some of the little details she incorporated into her design were just a perfect intellectual and emotional fit for the story line. confirmed that this is the book jacket they'd want to pick up and read."

Maia Sepp, Author

"I would highly recommend Kerry for all your design projects! She's a delight to work with, is incredibly fast and responsive, and she has a great design sense. She nailed the concept of my cover with her very first draft; getting to the final design just took some minor tweaks. Highly recommended, and I'll definitely work with her again."

Sean Platt, Publisher

"[Kerry] was a breeze to work with. She did the first design we liked, was there right away anytime we needed to communicate with her, and helped to create the PERFECT cover for our book. Would DEFINITELY work with her again! She went above and beyond with this cover. Thank you!"

J.B. Simmons, Author

"[Kerry] combines two ideal qualities in a designer: artistic talent and professional execution. She nailed my request with her first submission... Her responsiveness and engagement made it a pleasure to develop follow-up changes and reach a fantastic finished product. In fact, she's so good I immediately invited her to another ... project, and I hope there's more to come. Highly recommended!"

Jon Shirley, Musician

"I can not express how wonderful it was to work with [Kerry]. She proved herself to be such a pro in every way, every step of the way, of our project. If you are looking for a true professional do not look any further. I'm certain she could get your idea delivered to you. I highly recommend this designer."

Creighton Hoke, Author

"There is a polish and sensitivity to Kerry’s work—both cover art and layout/typesetting—that is really quite special. I don’t know how she does it, but her work finds and illuminates the heart of the story in a really marvelous way. I recently shared a copy of my book with a highly-respected local bookseller, and their very first response was 'Wow! That is an *awesome* cover.' And it is. Very highly recommended and a pleasure to work with."

Teymour Shahabi, Author

"[Kerry] did a spectacular job with my book cover—beating my expectations and gathering heaps of praise from the numerous book lovers and professional writers who looked at it along the way. She began by gathering a large number of images and designs that matched my original description, and from the start I could see that she had internalized my wishes with almost telepathic accuracy. She then proceeded to refine the designs with incredible craftsmanship. Throughout these iterations, she was always faultlessly polite and professional, addressing all my comments with prompt and thorough replies. I felt perfectly taken care of—even spoiled—in all our interactions, while the work spoke for itself. Overall, I consider myself truly fortunate to have crossed paths with such a consummate artist and professional."

Asia Citro, Author

"I am so grateful to have found Kerry.  Not only is she incredibly talented—she is a wonderfully pleasant person to work with. No matter how many times my schedule changed or how nit-picky I got with revisions, she was always happy to help. I had a vision for my cover and she executed it beautifully. Beyond that, in areas where I was unsure, she stepped in and created solutions that were perfect. I can't recommend her enough. I am already looking forward to working with her on future projects!"

Amrit Chima, Author

"Not only does [Kerry] have clear artistic talents and skills, she carefully reviewed my design brief to create something well-suited, unique, and beautiful for my novel. I had many questions and was rather particular about the details; she made each change, however minute, and clearly understood the importance of getting it exactly how I wanted. It was a pleasure working with her."

S.J. Cunningham, Author

"Kerry is the most responsive and talented designer I've ever worked with. She went above and beyond in both her design work and her communications, producing a design that surpassed my wildest expectations. We had very few edits to the final art because what she produced fit the vision for my novel better than I could have imagined. ..."

Andrew Eisenman, Editor

"I want to tell you how blown away I’ve been by all your work so far. I think I speak for the rest of the team when I say we’re so, so lucky to work with you. Every cover you’ve done for us, from THE SAPPHIRE AND THE TOOTH to THE EDGE OF NORMAL to FATAL DESCENT, has been exceptional."
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